Trying to launch your design career?

After you’ve started learning design, what next?

Our GET A JOB Career Bootcamp is a new type of design program, custom-built to help you go from proficient to job-ready faster by pairing you with your own personal mentor and career-prep team to help you accomplish your design goals (and your goals alone!)

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Most design courses end after teaching the basics, leaving you all alone for the hardest part: building a portfolio and actually getting a job.

That’s where RookieUp comes in.

We combine the best part of bootcamps (the 1-on-1 mentorship) with a flexible, goal-based approach to help you hone your skills, build an incredible portfolio, and get job-ready without needing to spend thousands of dollars on an overpriced bootcamp.

Here's what your 8-week program includes...

Your Own Career-Prep Team

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And Everything You Need to Build A Portfolio and Get a Job!

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You'll finish the program with...

What you work on during the program is 100% up to you, but most students in the GET A JOB Career Bootcamp finish with...

2-3 Portfolio-Ready Case Studies

Finalized Portfolio Site

Finalized Resume and Cover Letters

Improved design skills and understanding of the design process

Elevator Pitch and Interview Practice

Applications to Jobs!

Join 1000's of students who have launched their design careers with RookieUp!

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Ready to launch your design career?

Enroll in our next Mentor Program today and take control of your design career!

The RookieUp Guarantee

If you're not fully satisfied, you can request a 100% refund within the first 14 days of your Mentor Program!

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