Ready to build a design portfolio and land your dream job?

Building a portfolio all on your own is hard.

We worked with professional designers and recruiters to create our Design Portfolio Starter Kit, the ultimate toolkit to help you build an amazing portfolio all on your own!

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When you're just getting started, building an amazing portfolio that will land you your dream in the design industry can feel overwhelming!

That’s where RookieUp comes in.

The Portfolio Starter Kit will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating amazing portfolio projects based on your interests and then turning them into an incredible portfolio that will impress recruiters and help you stand out.

Here's what your Starter kit includes...

Everything You Need to Build A Portfolio and Get a Job!

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Our projects are different...

Our projects are flexible and build around the actual processes you’ll be following as a real designer. No cookie-cutter projects or templates here!

Here are the types of projects you'll get...

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What you'll learn...

How to come up with ideas for projects based on your interests and then build them using the design processes used by professional designer.

How to think like a designer and turn your ideas into well-researched portfolio projects that showcase your skills and problem-solving abilities.

How to create your own personal branding and build a portfolio site that showcases your projects beautifully to potential employers and clients.

How to speak about yourself and your work to employers so you can ace interviews and get offers.

You'll finish with...

The types of projects you work on is 100% up to you, but most students finish with...

New Portfolio-Ready Case Studies

First Portfolio Site

Improved design skills and understanding of the design process

More confidence as a designer and a clearer path towards finding a job.

Join 1000's of students who have launched their design careers with RookieUp!

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Ready to launch your design career?

Get the Portfolio Starter Kit and start building an incredible portfolio that will land you your dream job!

The RookieUp Guarantee

If you're not fully satisfied, you can request a 100% refund within 14 days!

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